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We are a surrogacy and fertility support agency, who through our own personal journeys want to share our experience with others and help in any way we can by matching intended parents to their surrogates and offering 24-hour support through your whole journey.

Never give up hope, dreams do come true.


Featured interview with


Rachel Westbury
 Nappy Endings

Nappy endings is a surrogacy agency run by Rachel Westbury and Ursula Pandoo.


They have been friends for over 19 years, and they opened the agency through Rachels own experience of being a surrogate, and having Ursulas support throughout her journeys since 2011 has been invaluable to Rachel. Having had 4 babies for Intended Parents, Rachel has a full understanding of the highs and lows of a journey and offers empathy and emotional support as well as sharing her experience to be able to help others.

Click here to check out Rachel's interview in the Daily Mail. 


Remotely and in-person


Our business is done via an initial telephone consultation, followed by a face to face informative meeting. We then create a comprehensive profile which we can match with suitable surrogates, meeting your individual requirements and needs.

About Us

Our mission is to match surrogates to intended parents (IPs) or support already matched intended parents and surrogates, ensuring a smooth and safe journey offering the best route for each journey.

We offer families a personal and compassionate service.


From our Families and Surrogates

AW - Surrogate

"Nappy endings is the first and only agency I went with as a first time surrogate .. Rachel and Ursula were amazing from day one! They are now both friends for life and I couldn’t recommend them enough. I look forward to my next journey."

Luke M.

“We have been lucky to have been matched with a surrogate through Nappy Endings and are in the early stages of pregnancy. You don’t realise how much you feel a bond for your baby even though someone else is carrying it. So a massive thank you for making our wish come true Nappy Endings."

Michelle B.

“I'm extremely happy with the service i've received from Nappy Endings.


Surrogacy has changed my life and having Rachel alongside me has enhanced the journey immensely; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nappy Endings.”

Kelly (Surrogate)

"Having been a surrogate with nappy endings from the beginning, I love the fact that Rachel is experienced, has empathy and is always available at the end of the phone 24 hours a day. I always feel in safe hands as her knowledge and expertise is limitless. I really do have great admiration and respect for the team at nappy endings and class Rachel and Ursula as friends"


As a gay couple who have been matched with a wonderful surrogate and progressing well on our surrogacy journey, we are really happy with the full service provided so far by Nappy Endings. From the very beginning Rachel and Ursula have been so responsive, helpful and have used their extensive experience to support us on our journey. We would recommend Nappy Endings to anyone.


When I first thought about surrogacy I was a little unsure and so was my husband. Rachel set up a zoom call with us both and went through everything, there was no pressure at all and when I was ready i signed onto nappy endings. Since being a part of them they have been fantastic, kind, understanding and very supportive.
We were matched with a lovely couple who now I am carrying their little bundle of joy.


We have been lucky to have been matched with a surrogate through Nappy Endings and are in the early stages of pregnancy. You don’t realise how much you feel a bond for your baby even though someone else is carrying it. So a massive thank you for making our wish come true Nappy Endings.

Larna (Surrogate)

I heard nothing but amazing things about Nappy Endings and they're all true! From my first chat with Rachel I knew I was in safe hands as a first time surrogate. I definitely would not have been able do to this without them. 

Rachael (Surrogate)

I was put in contact with Nappy Endings and from the very first phone call to today I can honestly say the experience and journey has been amazing.
I matched with a wonderful Intended Parent who is one of the  nicest and most deserving people and It’s been an honour to get to do this for her
Rachel and Ursula are nothing short of amazing, they are on hand 24/7 for any advice or support needed, they have your best interests at heart and help deal with everything from start to finish.

Larna (Surrogate)

Rachel is passionate about surrogacy and always there to answer questions and make the whole journey feel so natural. From our very first call it just felt right and it was so easy to be open. 

What impresses us the most about Rachel is her altruistic desire to help support people like us to have a family of our own.  In less than 3 months we were matched with our wonderful surrogate and we are all now excited for our journey to begin. We can’t thank Nappy Endings enough they have made the whole surrogacy journey so straightforward and are always there for support.


Learn more about surrogacy

ITV - This Morning

See how Rachel did in 2018 when she visited Holly and Philip on ITV.


Four-time surrogate mother Rachel Westbury explains why she set up her own surrogacy agency and how she's going to keep on helping other couples start families for as long as she can.

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