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NESAgency is a boutique agency offering a personal touch on every journey for the intended parents and surrogates. We are not a huge corporation, just a small agency owned and run by people with vast personal experience, which we want to use to bring joy to others and help make their dreams come true.


Nappy Endings Surrogacy

We opened in the U.K. in 2017 after my own personal experience of being a surrogate since 2011 having had twins, and 4 other babies as a surrogate. I found it the most amazing experience giving joy to the intended parents and personally myself. I also went through ups and downs as any other fertility journey does, and feel I can offer complete understanding and empathy through my own life experience, as well as offer comfort and genuine 24/7 support to anyone on a journey. 

We are proud of our achievements in the U.K. in successfully matching and supporting anyone that has registered with us. We are now very excited to be able to bring the same ethics over to California to provide the same services that we do in the U.K.

We don’t look upon anyone registering just as a client. but many become friends and that’s what is so special for us. We aim to match you with a surrogate to suit your needs and help you along the journey from beginning to birth and beyond and are very proud of our mindfulness approach, even including mindfulness days and retreats to ensure everyone feels a part of the journey together as we feel that helps with the bonding process also. We offer top end recommendations from clinics, lawyers, counsellors, and many more services even including hypnobirthing recommendations which many people have found to make their journey a much calmer one with everyone feeling in control. 

We hope you put your trust and faith into NESAgency and we will put everything into making your dream come true.

Match-Only Journey

  • Matching you to a surrogate that meets your clinic requirements and your journey wishes

  • Meeting with a member of our team

  • Agreements fully informed between NESA, intended parents, and surrogate

  • Surrogate liaison by an experienced surrogate

  • Recommendations for services to fulfill your journey

  • 24-hour phone support until clearance from clinic

  • Paper clearance with your clinic, ensuring a smooth pathway into your journey

Fully Comprehensive Journey

  • Matching you to a surrogate that meets your clinic requirements and your journey wishes

  • Agreements fully informed between NESA, intended parents, and surrogate

  • 24-hour phone support

  • Surrogate liaison by an experienced surrogate

  • Coordinating any services needed to complete and fulfill your journey

  • Support: beginning and until birth and beyond

  • Unlimited introductions until successful journey is complete

  • Travel Coordination, Escrow and Insurance Assistance

  • Liaising between surrogate and clinic

Our US Recommendations
Vorzimer & Masserman - Law Firm specialising in Fertility and Family Law

Amy Vance, MS, LCGC Bay Area genetic counseling 

Amy Vance

Amy Vance is a Board Certified and Licensed genetic counsellor and founder of Bay Area Genetic Counseling. She is respected as a leader and innovator among genetic counsellors. She has provided genetic counselling since 1991, with expertise in prenatal, pediatric, adult, cancer, and reproductive genetics. 

Amy Vance, MS, LCGC
Licensed and Board Certified Genetic Counselor 
Bay Area Genetic Counseling

B. A. G. C.

SendSafe™ address:

We Chat: bayareagc   


Todd Pizitz

Dr Pizitz is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in a variety of assessments. He has assessed egg donor and surrogate mother candidates for the past 18 years.  He has published two studies using the MMPI-2 and surrogate mothers and has presented research on egg donor assessments at professional scientific conferences. 

Dr Pizitz is currently a member of the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA), and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).   He is a member of the Peer Review Panel for the Elsevier journal, Women and Birth.

Todd D. Pizitz, Ph.D.

440 S. Melrose Drive, #250

Vista, CA  92081

(760) 842-1103 Phone

(760) 842-1173 Fax


Andrew Vorzimer

Mr Vorzimer has been quoted as an expert or appeared in numerous magazines and news shows including 60 Minutes, CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Medical News Today, USA Today and MSNBC.


Mr Vorzimer was a Contributing Author to Consents and Contracts, “Principles of Oocyte and Embryo Donation”; Insurance Handbook for Business Litigators; and CEB Civil Procedure Before Trial,1990. Mr Vorzimer has authored numerous articles including What to Look for in an Egg Donation Program; Workplace Environment: Sexual Harassment; Business & Professions Code Section 17200: California’s Unfair Competition Law; Sexual Harassment: Increase in Claims Strikes Fear in Employers; and Hostile Work Environment Claims Have Employers on the Defensive. Mr Vorzimer was also a part of a small group of attorneys who assisted Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes in drafting AB1217 which codified the current best legal practices regarding surrogacy agreements in California and was added to the California Family Code as Section 7962.

Andrew Vorzimer heads his firm’s Third Party Reproductive Practice at Vorzimer/Masserman - Fertility and Family Law Center in Woodland Hills, California (VM).  Mr. Vorzimer attended Harvard University; University of Miami (B.B.A.); and Whittier College School of Law (J.D. Magna Cum Laude). Mr. Vorzimer is also a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM); Fellow of American Academy of Associated Reproductive Technologies Attorneys (AAARTA); International Federation Of Fertility Societies (IFFS); RESOLVE; World IVF; Board of Directors of Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED); Founding Fellow of the International Surrogacy Forum; National Association of Surrogate Mothers; OPTS; INCIID; and Academy of Associated Reproductive Technologies. Mr. Vorzimer is a faculty member of IFFS/ASRM and the REI Nursing Congress as well as a member of the board of the Walking Strong Foundation, to find treatment and cures for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Vorzimer Masserman, P.C. | Fertility & Family Law Center
23035 Ventura Boulevard | Woodland Hills, CA 91364
818.999.1950 | Fax: 818.999.1955 |

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